A photo shoot with Slika Photography

With my extensive experience from over 500 photoshoots, I’ll help bring out your personality and style. We’ll keep it light with some humor and a relaxed vibe, so you can feel at ease striking your favorite poses. Feel free to bring along your own outfits or make use of the studio props for a session that’s uniquely you.

Your world

Through a selection of photos curated by you, we’ll determine the direction for the photo shoot.
Take a peek at the online calendar to view all available slots.

During the session

A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is the key to natural and successful photos.
I’ll draw inspiration from your images and outfits to guide you and suggest poses.

Your memories

Unlimited sorting and subtle adjustments for unforgettable memories.
A few selected shots will have an added atmosphere: black and white, sepia, fashion, etc.

Starting at 150 CHF

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All photo sessions include

  • Unlimited sorting of selected photos
  • Adjustment of selected images
  • Delivery via a link in Web and PrintA4 format
  • 10% discount on prints
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Une femme aux cheveux noirs regarde la caméra. Elle a une grande boucle d'oreille papillon dorée et un fond noir est derrière elle. Son menton repose sur sa main et elle porte une robe noire.


Raw photo exported directly from the memory card without processing.

Une photo d'une femme aux cheveux noirs portant une grande boucle d'oreille papillon dorée et détaillée. Elle a le menton posé sur sa main sur un fond noir.


Fully edited photo: Colors, contrasts, lighting, overall tones, etc.

Une femme aux cheveux noirs vêtue d'une tenue noire porte une boucle d'oreille papillon fantaisie en or. Elle pose gracieusement sur un fond sombre.


Detail-oriented photo editing: Face cleaning, tones, ambiance, etc.


Where is the Studio Located?

The studio is located at the following address:

Ch. de Maillefer 37, 1052 Le Mont”

What should I bring for the photo session?

Here’s what you should bring for the session:

    • Makeup/Hair essentials
    • Different outfits, typically ranging from 3 to 6
    • Accessories that you love (sports gear, hobbies, veils, games, etc.)
    • Examples of photos to illustrate the ambiance and poses you like. You can draw inspiration from the web, magazines, books, etc

I have no idea what style I want

In that case, I’ll guide you to bring out the best of your personality and the outfits you’ll bring along.

What accessories do you have at the studio?

We have hats, glasses, necklaces, musical instruments, sports gear, chairs, etc.


Each duration is indicated during the booking. 45 minutes for 1 person or 1 hour for families. Please book an additional 30 minutes for preparations and discussions.


Portfolio shoots for approaching agencies require more preparation compared to a standard 45-minute shoot. Therefore, I recommend a customized session with a personalized quote.

What is your payment method?

You can pay in cash after the session, via TWINT on +41765306482 or in advance via bank transfer, IBAN.


It takes 3-4 weeks for post-production before receiving the link or USB containing all the photos. For a faster turnaround time, please specify it in the quote request.


There is no imposed limit. It depends on the number of poses and photos taken. An average for a 45-minute shoot is around 50 selected and retouched shots. Retouches are light: adjusting contrasts, colors, cropping, and applying a black and white, sepia, polaroid atmosphere, etc.

How do I receive the photos?

All shoots include free delivery of photos via a download link.

You will receive the images in standard JPEG format with web quality for viewing and A4 print quality for prints.

I would like to receive a USB flash drive.

Shipping images on a USB flash drive by mail costs 50 CHF.

You will receive the images in standard JPEG format with web quality for viewing and print quality for prints.


I prioritize discretion above all else. Therefore, there will be no publication on social media or official photos thereafter. For presenting or promoting my activities, prior validation will be requested.

What is a Photo Book?

A photo book is an essential tool for professionals in the fields of fashion, film, music, theater, and other creative industries. It consists of carefully selected photographs that highlight the different facets, skills, and talents of the person. Here are some key elements of a photo book:

Contents of a Photo Book

  • Portraits: Close-up photos of the face that highlight distinct and expressive features.
  • Full-Length Shots: Photos that show the entire body to display silhouette and posture.
  • Varied Themes: Shots in different styles and contexts (fashion, commercial, artistic) to demonstrate versatility.
  • Action Photos: Images capturing specific movements or expressions, often used for actors or dancers.

Purpose of a Photo Book

  • Present a Professional Profile: It visually and aesthetically presents the skills and appearance of the person.
  • Attract the Attention of Recruiters: Used to apply for castings, auditions, or jobs in the creative industry.
  • Show Diversity and Versatility: The photographs should demonstrate that the person can adapt to various roles and styles.

Creating a Photo Book

  • Collaboration with a Professional Photographer: The quality of the photos is crucial, so working with an experienced photographer is essential.
  • Careful Selection of Photos: Choose images that best represent the person’s skills and appearance.
  • Well-Organized Layout: Present the photos in an organized and attractive manner, often in a high-quality physical format or a digital portfolio.

In summary, a photo book is a professional showcase that helps individuals present themselves in the best possible light and demonstrate their potential to recruiters and employers in the creative industries.

The CV Photo Shoot

A high-quality photo that showcases your true professional potential – that’s the goal of the CV photo shoot with Slika Photography. Come in your corporate attire and your best natural smile, and leave with shots that highlight the best of you. Click here to discover the various options.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot

The bachelor/bachelorette party is a special day for the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, usually spent with our closest friends. On this occasion, the last day of singledom, friends are full of imagination to make it an unforgettable day for you. The bachelor/bachelorette party photo shoot is specifically planned for this occasion so that you can keep a playful, often humorous memory thanks to the light-hearted atmosphere of friends and the props available at the studio.

The Studio Photo Shoot

The studio is a privileged place to focus on technical details. Indeed, during a studio shoot, the photographer can modulate the light and accentuate the desired effects. Playing with shadows to give the desired dramatic, magical, or simply energetic effects. Changing clothes requires attention and adaptation of the light. Come with your favorite poses and experience the feeling of being a top model.

The Outdoor Photo Shoot

The outdoor photo shoot is a special session as it requires creativity in blending with the surroundings. One must pay attention to the balance in the background and imagine poses and expressions. Like studio shooting, outdoor shooting allows you to have very beautiful and even more natural memories. Depending on the chosen location, a much more marked atmosphere is added to the images. A train station, a park, a forest, the lakeside, a part of a city, the old town, the countryside are all possibilities to create and express your personality.

A Photo Session at Home

The home photo shoot is an option that allows you to have photos even closer to your personality. What better way to represent yourself than in the ambiance you’ve created, posing next to the decorations you’re proud of? The home photo shoot offers opportunities to pose in your garden with your entire family, a photo of your children running in the grass, a family photo on the living room couch, staged situations while cooking, or a romantic candlelit dinner for two. In short, the possibilities are endless…


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